Justin Timberlake: Won’t wait for seven years to release next album

The talented singer will not wait for seven years to release his next album

Singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake released The 20/20 Experience after a seven-year hiatus, but says he won’t take such a long time for his next.

His FutureSex/LoveSounds came out in 2006.

“I can tell you that if we were to do it again soon then it probably wouldn’t be 20-25 songs. It would probably be a different effort towards something else, but that could be exciting,” digitalspy.co.uk. quoted Timberlake as saying.

“The answer is I have no idea, but my gut tells me that I don’t think it’s going to be seven years,” he added.

The Suit and Tie hitmaker spoke to Hollywood Outbreak about whether he has plans for another record.

“If I had to answer that question now, I would say no, but you never know. When you have a vision and you have something to say then it’s time to say it, I don’t think you can rush it.

“But I will say that making all this music again opened me up in a way that because we did wait so long everything felt fresh and new again,” he said.

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