Kamal Sadanah: My heart was never in acting!

Kamal has directed the film Roar: Tigers of the Sunderbans

Twenty two years after debuting in Rahul Rawail’s Bekhudi, Kamal Sadanah has begun a new phase in life as the director of Roar: Tigers of the Sunderbans, a film on the tigers of the Sunderbans. He says excitedly, “It’s like a universe for the animal kingdom. It’s like our own Amazon. I thought, ‘Why not have a thriller set there?’”

It took him three years to complete the film. Inspired by the success of Life Of Pi? No, says Kamal, insisting that Pi was “nowhere on the scene when we started Roar. I went to New York to learn direction, returned and started work on this film.”

Kamal says it was a relief to move from acting to direction. “It’s nice to be the painter and not the paint. Roar has consumed my attention for three years. I’ve watched it grow like my own children have. If marrying Lisa (his wife make up artiste Lisa John) was the best thing I did, making this film would have to rank as the second-best move in my life. It’s a relief to leave my acting career behind. My heart was never in acting.”