Kangna Ranaut uses her kathak skills in Rajjo

The Krrish 3 actor has been learning classical dance for a few years now and it has helped her for Rajjo. Read on

Actress Kangna Ranaut says she has been training in classical Indian dance for the past five years and she is glad that in her upcoming film Rajjo she has got a chance to show her moves.

“I have been learning classical dance for a long time and it’s just a coincidence that I got to do this film. I have been learning it for a reason that someday I will get to do kathak,” said Kangna.

She has used her kathak skills for one particular song in Rajjo, and says it’s an art that can’t be learnt in a month.

“I have been learning classical dance for a while now, for four to five years. A song in the climax is full of kathak that you can’t learn it in a week or a month. You have to rehearse for it for a long time.”

Directed by Vishwas Patil, Rajjo, releasing Nov 15, features Kangna as the protagonist.