Kapil Sharma frees an elephant!

Die hard animal lover Kapil Sharma was on a quest to release Sunder, an elephant confined by MP Vinay Kore from Maharshtra. After the long campaign, Sharma has won finally

Kapil has every reason to feel happy. Says the exultant laugh-giver, “I cannot bear cruelty to animals. When I heard about Sunder, my heart melted. I started a campaign on Twitter and appealed on my show to free Sunder. After I took the initiative Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and others also tweeted and expressed their grave concern. Soon there was an outcry over this politician’s cruel decision to confine the elephant.”

Now that the honourable court has ordered that Sunder be relocated to his original habitat, Kapil can breath easy. “The wait for justice for Sunder was agonising. I cannot see animals or children being mistreated. I always end my show Comedy Nights With Kapil imploring that one must love animals and respect women.”