Karen Gillan wants to keep doing horror movies

Actor Karen Gillan, known for her role in the science fiction TV series Doctor Who, says she grew up watching horror films and wanted to act in such movies

Her wish was fulfilled when she was offered Mike Flanagan’s latest film Oculus.

“That’s so exciting, being in a horror film… It’s so fun! So, basically I grew up watching horror films, and I love them. I love even the teen-slasher ones, I love all of them and I always wanted to be in a horror film.”

“But Oculus was the best of both worlds for me, because I got to be in a horror film with all the, like, scares and everything that everybody wants but really for me and Brenton (Thwaites) who played my brother, it was like a character piece and it was like two actors in a room. It was like the dream horror film for me to do,” said Gillan in a statement.


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