Kimberley Walsh to name her child after a cartoon?

Well, read on to find out the full story

Former Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh‘s young nephew wants her to name her baby after his favourite cartoon character.

Walsh is five months pregnant with her and Justin Scott’s first child, and her whole family is excited about the new arrival, including two-year-old Billie, reported a popular website.

“I went for a family picnic with my brother Adam, sisters Sally and Amy and Sally’s children, Billie and Alfie. We had such a lovely day.”

“Billie’s so cute. I have no idea why but he calls me Momo and he’s fully aware I’m pregnant now. He came up to me while I was eating and kissed the bump. I asked him if he wanted me to have a boy or a girl and he said, without hesitation, a boy. And he wants me to call him Woody, after Toy Story.”