Lady Gaga wears world’s first ‘flying dress’

The iconic singer, known for her wild fashion choices, chose to wear a “flying dress” during the launch party of her new album

Lady Gaga appeared on stage at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Sunday wearing a dress that truly reflected her unusual fashion trends that barely go unnoticed, reported a website. She was launching her brand new album ARTPOP there. Gaga unveiled the outfit that is dubbed the world’s first flying dress.

Designed by TechHaus, the Volantis is “essentially a vehicle,” Gaga told the crowd and dedicated as a symbol of the future and a symbol for the modern youth. The floral-shaped craft is supported by a fiber optic body-piece.

Gaga’s last album was launched in 2011 and was named Born This Way. ARTPOP was released universally on Monday.

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