Leonardo Dicaprio had to convince Daniel Day Lewis for Gangs of New York

The Wolf of Wall Street star accomplished the tough task of convincing Day Lewis 

Leonardo Dicaprio has revealed that he had to convince Daniel Day Lewis to act in Gangs of New York. The Inception star said that he had to convince Day Lewis to come out of retirement for the film because director Martin Scorsese was sure that he would perfectly fit for the role of Bill- ‘the Butcher’ in the film, Contactmusic reported.

In a recent online Screen Actors Guild interview, Dicaprio revealed that he had spent weeks trying to persuade one of his idols to take the role of a vicious thug. It took a dinner date with DiCaprio and his pal Tobey Maguire to eventually win him round. Dicaprio further added that he slightly disagreed with him at first, but eventually said yes.

Now, we know that DiCaprio has other talents besides acting.