Leonardo DiCaprio’s six-year-old missing niece now in safe custody

DiCaprio’s abducted niece found!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s six-year-old niece Normandie Farrar, who was listed as missing by the Department of Justice, has been located by the authorities, and is safe and sound. LA County DCFS spokesman Neil Zanville told Radar Online that he is happy to confirm that the child has been found. He said that the child, who was abducted on July 31, 2013, is a dependent of the juvenile court. According to reports, Normandie has been living on the run with her parents, DiCaprio’s step-brother, Adam Farrar, and his girlfriend Charity Moore, the girl’s mother. When the couple were arrested on drugs, theft, and harassment charges earlier this month, relatives said that they feared for the toddler’s safety. But Normandie’s maternal grandfather, Don Moore, insisted she was fine.