Lok Sabha Election 2014 results: Has the Congress failed collectively?

Congress leader Satyavrat Chaturvedi is of the opinion that Rahul Gandhi alone should not be blamed for the almost-certain defeat!

With India almost all set to get ‘Modi-fied’, the Congress party is facing the most disastrous defeat in the history. Early results showed the party set for its worst-ever electoral result with an estimated tally of just 69 seats,so far.

Congress leader Satyavrat Chaturvedi maintained in an interview that it’s a defeat of the Congress party collectively and Rahul Gandhi alone should not be blamed. On the other hand Narendra Modi who is going to record a sweeping victory showed India the dream of a much-needed massive change.

With its allies, NaMo, as he is more formally referred to as, is expected to get a decisive majority of more than 300 plus seats in the final tally. In the wake of CWG scams, Coal-gate scam, fodder scam, social and economic unrest, Modi showed a dream to the masses where he promised economic revival, more jobs, better infrastructures was big on the agenda.


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