Madonna was Kelly Brook’s style icon while growing up

The Britain’s Got Talent anchor looked up to superstar Madonna while growing up and often copied her famous hairstyles.

33-year-old Kelly Brook says Madonna was her “idol growing up” and she always wanted to “dress like her” and she even “copied her iconic 1980 hairstyles”. I would buy tons of hairspray. I had a bad perm and would scrunch my hair. I’d go through a can of hairspray a week,” a website quoted Brook.

Brook also took beauty inspiration from her grandmother. “My earliest beauty memory was at my grandmother’s house. She was always into beauty products and I remember her teaching me how to cleanse my face using Anne French Cleansing Milk.

“Nowadays, my ethos is to take good care of my skin – but I also think that if you have a clear and happy mind, that shines through and makes you beautiful,” she said.

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