Marc Anthony’s ex-wife needs better child support

The famous singer’s personal life has almost always been in the news for the wrong reasons. This time around it’s his first wife asking for better financial support…

Singer Marc Anthony’s former wife Dayanara Torres has reportedly accused the singer of not paying enough money for their children. She wants him to increase the amount. Anthony and Torres were married for two years before heading splitsville in 2002. They have two sons – Cristian, 12 and Ryan, 10.

Torres and her sons have been forced to sell their home and move into a hovel. She says that rather than paying $13,000 per month for their two sons, Anthony should pay $113,000 now, reported a website.

She also said that Anthony made her believe that he had money issues during their divorce, but then he gave singer Jennifer Lopez an expensive ring. Anthony later married Lopez, but they are now separated.