Maria Di Angelis opens up about sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street

New York model was not very comfortable shooting steamy scenes with the Titanic hero

Maria Di Angelis has opened up about the sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in the upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street. She said that it felt a bit awkward because, unlike in the choreography, as there was no music playing in the background because it interferes with the sound recording. She said that there was no Le Freak, and they had to improvise a lot and simulate an orgy almost in silence. Angelis said the film bosses had shown the actor how to replicate drug-taking and how to look like they were having sex without actually touching the other person. She said that her character didn’t have to snort cocaine, so she was busy wielding a giant bottle of Champagne.

Angelis said that there was a girl who was faking sex with the Titanic star, so he tried to break the ice by telling everyone that they would have to be on the set for 15 hours.