Marilyn Monroe, John and Robert F. Kennedy’s sex tape up for sale!

Buzz is that a sex tape featuring the above mentioned threesome is up for auction

A supposedly real and never-before-seen sex tape of Marilyn Monroe, former US President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy is all set to be auctioned off.

Although William Castleberry, a former Hollywood bodyguard, did not elaborate on how he got the reel, he told a website that the recording was seized from his home and was being auctioned off to cover a 200,000 dollars court judgment against him. Castleberry has claimed that he had the film for years, but kept it secret out of respect for Monroe’s former hubby Joe DiMaggio, who was a good friend of his. He added that he knows people think he’s a fraud, but he’s not lying and the film does contain explicit shots of the three engaging in intercourse.