Mark Wahlberg almost missed out on working with Leonardo DiCaprio

Sun, December 15, 2013 5:35pm IST by

The 42-year-old said DiCaprio objected to the idea of acting alongside him in the 1995 film

Mark Wahlberg says he almost missed out on the opportunity of working with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio in The Basketball Diaries after treating the latter badly at a charity event. Leonardo was like, ‘Over my dead f***ing body. Marky Mark’s not going to be in this f***ing movie’” a Hollywood website quoted Wahlberg as saying.  

“We’d had a thing – I didn’t even realise it, (but) I was a bit of a d*** to him at a charity basketball game. So he was like, ‘This f***ing a**hole is not going to be in this movie.’” he added. But casting director Avy Kaufman urged the Titanic star to change his mind and at least meet him.

“I come in and I do the audition and I kind of look at him and he kind of looks at me, and then we do a scene, and they’re like, ‘Hmm, this f***ing dude’s pretty good, right?’ The next thing you know, boom, we’re hanging out,” Wahlberg said.



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