Which relationship of Matthew McConaughey did his film Dallas Buyers Club affect?

McConaughey sees career reinvention as natural transition

Matthew McConaughey, who has been associated with romantic-comedies for long, says he decided to play AIDS patient in Dallas Buyers Club because he wanted to ‘shake up’ his relationship with his ‘career’. He has received his first Oscar nomination for Dallas Buyers Club.“I see it as much more of a natural transition… I wanted to do some things different. I look back and go, does that have to do with me being in my forties? Sure. Does that have to do with me starting a family? Sure,” McConaughey said in a statement.

“I wanted to shake up the relationship that I have with my career, although I was enjoying my career, I enjoyed the work I did then. I may do another romantic comedy in the future. It’s just using different muscles,” added the actor.

With Academy Awards just around the corner we’re sure that Matthew is hoping for an Oscar in his kitty.