Minnie Driver goes nude to shut up body bullies on Twitter!

In an attempt to shut up cyber bullies who were making mean comments about her body, Minnie sent out a befitting comeback

Minnie Driver has posted a picture of herself in the buff on Twitter. Explaining the reason for posting the nude pic from Allure magazine, the About a Boy actor said that if you want people to stop taking about how you look in a bikini, let them see you naked, ABC News reported. The brunette beauty resurfaced on the social networking site with the post as she had earlier refused to post anything after people criticised her bikini body when she was photographed on vacation with her son in Miami. Driver added that “Twitter sphere” can be mean sometimes about your body and soul and it’s not worth it.

Minnie isn’t the first celebrity to face the wrath of social media. Singer James Blunt has faced the ire of haters on micro-blogging site. However Blunt has his own way of dealing with these social bullies.