New mom Drew Barrymore reunites with Adam Sandler for Blended

The Hollywood actor was seen promoting her new movie Blended just three weeks after giving birth to daughter Frankie

Drew Barrymore was happy to take some time out to promote her movie because she feels everyone is doing well and she is proud of the project, reported by a website.

“It feels like a miracle and it’s also so awesome I have to say,” said Barrymore on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday. Drew was on the show with her Blended co-star Adam Sandler. The two were seen together in 50 First-Dates and The Wedding Singer.  “First of all, I love this movie and I would never not like show up for it and I feel so good and happy. My kid is healthy. I have nothing to complain about. Like, I’m so blessed,” she added.

Blended is a romantic comedy which revolves around a couple who meet on a blind date and get stuck on a family resort together with their respective kids.


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