Nicki Minaj’s new album inspired by ungrateful people

Singer Nicki Minaj’s new album Pills N Potions was inspired by people who have let her down

Rapper and singer Nicki Minaj, who has released her new single from her third studio The Pink Print, looked back on her past experiences while writing the songs for the album.”I was just reflecting on people in my life who (have) come and gone, just thinking, what the hell does it all mean,” she said. 

“God bless ’em, I’m talking about lots of people, not anybody in particular, but I have come across a lot of people that I’ve given amazing opportunities to (who have let me down),” she added.

The 31-year-old star, who is reportedly being sued for $30 million by her former wig designer Terrence Davidson, insists she’s always nice to people and is often shocked when they turn against her.

She said: “I always give people enough rope to hang themselves with. In general, I just live my life and try and be super fair to everyone, so when you cross me, it’s like, ‘Really? Okay’.”