Olivia Munn obsessed with Johnny Depp’s moustache in Mortdecai

Her character in the film has some fetish for moustache

Actor Olivia Munn, known for her role in Deliver Us From Evil, is obsessed with her Mortdecai co-actor Johnny Depp’s moustache.

“Working with Johnny is so much fun because he is so much this character and it is so much fun to play opposite him,” contactmusic.com quoted the 34-year-old as saying.

“My character and his character, we both have very big characters who have very big ways of living their lives. And my character has some moustache fetishes and things that come with that. But it was fun because, when you’re playing against somebody else who plays such big characters, but in a very real way, that’s the most fun,” said Olivia.

Mortdecai, which also stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor, is scheduled for release in February 2015.

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