Oscars 2014: 7 Best films that never won the Oscars!

The 86th Academy Awards winners are being announced and like every year, some results are more shocking than surprising. Let’s take a look at the films in the past, which wethinks that, should’ve won an Oscar but lost it to a less deserving film

Each year we await the results of Academy awards and on several occasions, we have felt that another nominee was more deserving than the winner. Be it the Best Actor award or the Best Film award at The Oscars, a lot of times we’ve been shocked by the results. Let’s take a look at such films in the past that deserved an Oscar, or at least a nomination at the Oscars.

Brokeback Mountain: Ang Lee won the Best Director award for this film. It was nominated for 8 Academy awards. It lost the Best Picture award to Crash. This epic romantic drama film deserved to win more than Crash did.

The Sixth Sense: Though this supernatural film was nominated for the Best Picture at the Oscars, it lost the award to American Beauty in 1999.

Memento: This mystery psychological thriller wasn’t even nominated for the Best Picture award at the Academy awards. In 2001, A Beautiful Mind won the Best Picture award, but don’t you think Memento at least deserved a nomination?

Avatar: This epic science fiction film had nine nominations at the Academy Awards in 2010, including Best Picture. However, it lost the Best Picture award to The Hurt Locker. Well, no doubt the American War film was good but Avatar was better, no?

Do the Right Thing: This 1989 comedy drama wasn’t even nominated at the Academy awards for Best Picture. That year, Driving Miss Daisy won the Best Picture award. Well, in comparison to that film, we certainly think that Do the Right Thing deserved a nomination, to say the least!

The Pianist: This biographical war drama film received multiple nominations at the Oscars in 2002, including the Best Picture. However, it lost the award to Chicago, a musical film.

Saving Private Ryan: The epic war film bagged 11 nominations at the Academy Awards. While it won the Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Spielberg also won the Best Director award, but it lost the Best Picture award to Shakespeare in Love in 1998. We’re sure this war film deserved the award more than the romantic-comedy drama. Don’t you agree?