Pallavi Sharda: People in the West don’t look down upon Bollywood

Pallavi says that Bollywood is cool in the West

Indian-Australian actor Pallavi Sharda, who made her Bollywood debut with Besharam opposite Ranbir Kapoor is happy being part of the Hindi filmdom and says the West doesn’t look down upon the industry. “I am extremely happy being part of Bollywood or being called a Hindi film actor. As far as West is concerned, they enjoy Bollywood and they don’t look down upon Bollywood,” Pallavi said in a recent interview.

“Bollywood is cool in the West, especially the song and dance. But yes, sometimes-western filmmakers find it cliched and less crafted. I come from western school and I have been raised in the west, so I think every cinema has their own space.”

Pallavi’s next film is titled Bombay Fairytale, a biopic, which has Ayushmann Khurrana as the male lead. “Ayushman is very mature and I enjoyed shooting with him. If you have an understanding co-star, half of your work gets sorted.”