Paris Hilton being sued by a footwear company?

Reports suggest that Socialite and My New BFF star Paris Hilton is being sued by a footwear company for $2 million on the grounds of breaching her licensing agreement with the them

A breach-of-contract lawsuit against the socialite and businesswoman has been launched in New York by Antebi Footwear Group, which claims she went back on a business deal with them and even promoted rival product Parisian Parc footwear line on social media, reports a poplar website.

According to the New York Post newspaper, the lawsuit states: “(Paris Hilton Entertainment) breached its covenant of good faith and fair dealing to Antebi by means of its aforesaid intentional and malicious acts and by destroying and injuring Antebi’s rights to receive the fruits of its relationship with PHE and those rights granted pursuant to the exclusive licensing agreements.”

The company’s move is in response to a non-payment of royalties suit filed by Hilton against the footwear designers, with whom she launched a line in 2007, which asked for $1 million in unpaid royalties.