Paul Simon and Sting to sing each other’s hits in upcoming tour

It’s a dream come true moment for singer Sting

Sting and Paul Simon are rehearsing for their upcoming tour, where they are preparing to take turns by singing some of each other’s biggest hits.It was Simon’s idea for the tour, hatched when he came downstairs in their New York apartment building to ask if Sting would be interested, the Huffington Post reported. Sting obviously agreed, having first heard Simon and Garfunkel when he was a 15-year-old in England. Sting said that if he ever wanted to emulate a literary and literate songwriter, then Paul Simon would be the person he would go to. They have started the process of selecting the set list for the tour, which opens February 8 in Houston.

Sting said Simon has asked him to sing Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Sting asked if they could include America. Meanwhile, Simon is eager to sing Sting’s songs Fields of Gold and Fragile.