Pawan Shrivastava: Naya Pata depicts the pain of migration

Film focuses on the subject of identity loss in a metro city

Director Pawan Shrivastava, who made his debut with crowd-funded Naya Pata, says he decided to make a film on migration as he has witnessed the pain and alienation of migrants closely.

The film, released on June 27 through PVR’s Director Rare, highlights the identity loss faced by migrants. Naya Pata also talks about the closure of sugar industry in Bihar during 1985-1990, which forced many to migrate to other places for work.

Shrivastava, a native of Bihar, said the memories of that period are vivid in his mind and he could not think of any other story for his first film.

“I wanted to tell this story as it has been very close to my heart since childhood. I have seen how migration affected my friends and their families. I have observed it closely. The story remained in my mind since then,” Shrivastava told PTI.

“My film focuses on how one’s identity is lost in the place he migrates to and in his own city. It also highlights the intangible thing that happens to a person when he comes to a new place,” he said.

The director denied that his film had any similarity with Hansal Mehta’s City Lights.

City Lights shows the gap between cities and villages, and what migrants face in the big cities, whereas my film talks about how these migrants are not accepted in the cities and become strangers in their own homes.”

For the director, making a crowd-funded film was a challenge.

“I struggled a lot while making the film. I had read about crowd funding so I sent my film’s synopsis to all the people in my contacts and asked for help. That’s how I got funds,” Shrivastava said.

Though the film highlights the migratory issues in Bihar, the director said the story talks about an universal problem.

“It’s just that the main character is from Bihar but everyone can relate to the story. All those who have ever left their hometown and come to a different place will feel the emotions felt by the protagonist,” he said.

Shrivastava wants to make a film on Dalits next.

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