Pharrell Williams: My album GIRL is an ode to women!

Grammy award-winning rapper Pharrell Williams says his latest album G I R L is an ode to the fairer sex, whom he credits for helping him climb the success ladder

The prolific singer accomplished a great deal in everything he dived in, be it music, production or designing.

“My album G I R L is an ode to woman. I have all types of fans in terms of demographics, but women have been distinctively a strong force and huge inspiration for me,” said Williams.

“Essentially they’re my bosses. They have been so good to me. One cannot argue that they have paid for everything I have. They’ve been so good to me and consistent. I’m totally imperfect but they have never left my side,” he added.

Williams’ record-breaking upbeat number Happy may have lost the Oscar in the original song category to Idina Menzel’s Let It Go, but the smash hit took the industry by surprise after it became the first song in 57 years to climb the top spot in the UK charts for about three times. The rapper was so elated with the chart success of ‘Happy’ that losing an Oscar did not affect him much. “There is no way that I am disappointed on losing out! Happy has been topping all music charts. It’s been heard across 175 countries. It’s number one in 60 countries. The entire experience was incredible,” he said.

However, composing Happy for animation film Despicable Me 2 wasn’t an easy task. The song also features in G I R L, which is the rapper’s second album. “The song came from Despicable Me 2. We were working on a pivotal moment in the film where the protagonist of the movie was happy about this girl. So after they did the scene they wanted the music for it. It took me 9 different songs for that one scene to get to Happy,” he said.

“When I thought how to make a guy so happy about his feelings, I found the answer in the question itself! After so many attempts to get that perfect song for the situation, it feels great to see Happy topping music charts,” he added.


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