Priyanka Chopra: Ajanta-Ellora and Kamasutra must be banned

The angry actor refused to acknowledge that films are responsible for the rise in sexual abuse and believes that lawlessness is the real root of problems

If art provocates crimes against women, historic sites like Ajanta-Ellora and Vatsayana’s Kamasutra must be banned, says Indian actor Priyanka Chopra, who believes cinema is an art too and it should not be blamed for the rising crimes against women in the nation.

“I feel people are becoming less tolerant and more judgemental. Hindi films are meant for entertainment…If people think songs and films are causing an increase in rapes, why not first shut Ajanta-Ellora? We are a land of the Kamasutra…let’s ban books,” said Priyanka.

“Sculpting is an art, poetry is an art, filmmaking is an art… We have the freedom of speech in our country, and we also have a system of film certification. Follow the law! If a film has been given the ‘A’ certificate, why let children go for it? There’s lawlessness here. I feel a filmmaker should just make what he wants to,” Priyanka said at an event on Thursday. The portrayal of women in Hindi cinema and the viability of item songs is always questioned. She received an applause for speaking her mind out on the issue brought up every time that a rape case comes up.

But Priyanka, who backs girl child empowerment via different campaigns, says violation against women will only reduce when laws will be implemented. “We have strict laws now, but there’s no implementation. There’s fearlessness,” said the actor, who has grooved to item songs like Babli badmaash and Ram chahe leela. “Film industry is for entertainment, like music and books. If they are fiction, they are fiction, they should not be taken so seriously. Any form of art must not be made responsible to change society. Films can’t change the society, the government leads society and government has to implement laws to bring change,” added the former beauty queen.