Prosenjit Chatterjee: I was one of the first persons didi (Mamata Banerjee) offered a Lok Sabha ticket

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The Bangla entertainment industry knows of the local heart-throb Prosenjit Chatterjee’s proximity to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. But the actor refused to contest election in spite of the high command’s repeated offer and says it has nothing to with his father and yesteryear star Biswajeet.

Biswajeet contested from New Delhi constituency on a Trinamool Congress ticket.

Denying reports that his father had any hand in his decision to stay out of the elections, the Dosar star said, “My father came into the picture long after I was offered a seat. I was one of the first persons didi offered a Lok Sabha ticket.”

“Mamata didi is extremely fond of me. She was very keen that I contest elections. However, I am very clear about my priorities right now. I am fully involved with my acting career. I can’t even think of directing a film, let alone taking on an entirely new responsibility.”

“I’ve absolutely no issues with my father in the fray. He and I sorted our problems some time ago. Senior actors like my father and even Mithunda (Chakbraborty) have relatively more time to devote to politics than me. Right now I am in the most exciting phase of my acting career. Politics is of as much interest to me at the moment as astronomy. As I speak to you, I’m shooting in spite of a fever.”

The National Award-winning actor, considered the Amitabh Bachchan of West Bengal, is doing a revisionist version of the Mahabharat on the screen.

“It’s a role loosely based on the Mahabharat that takes me from the age of 27 to 85. It requires an immense deal of preparation. I can’t take a major chunk of time off from such acting assignments to contest elections. Mamata didi is family. I’ll be by her side only when I am completely able to give her time,” he said.

The actor says he neither has much knowledge about the politics nor can he give hundred percent commitment, therefore he has decided to stay away right now.

“I know nothing about politics. It’s okay to be iconic and to command a fan-following. But one has to be prepared for a life in politics. I am very clear about joining politics only as and when I can give a 150 days straight to electioneering. I can’t go into anything half-heartedly,” he said.