PSY’s Gentleman becomes the most watched YouTube video of 2013

Midas touch continues for the Gangnam Style singer

PSY, the hilarious genius hit the masterstroke with his song Gangnam Style and his follow-up track Gentleman that released in April this year is following the trend. Looks like Psy has hit the jackpot again! Grabbing over 579 million views on YouTube, PSY’s Gentleman has been crowned the Most Watched Video on YouTube this year.

The world had gone crazy thanks to Gangnam Style; from children to teenagers and even the oldies, everybody was dancing the Gangnam way. The video, which was released in July last year, was the most-watched video ever on YouTube, currently with 1.8 billion views. Time to get our Gangnam shoes out and get groovy the Gentleman way it seems…

BollywoodLife would like to do congratulate PSY on this phenomenal success!