Rajatava Dutta: Bonkubabu is another realistic film in entertainer format

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Lip-syncing to the 90s Bollywood chartbusters, as a fantasy character in comedy Bonkubabu, the Jagga Jasoos actor Rajatava Dutta says his dreams to do at least one mainstream acting was thus fulfilled. 

“Having worked in films outside the mainstream gharana all along in career, in Bonkubabu I had for the first time been cast as a character who dresses up and idolize Hrithik Roshan. He dresses up garishly and breaks into impromptu jig when Roshan’s numbers are played,” Rajatava Dutta told in an interview.

“I liked the song and story of this film where you get to discover the intricacies of a character, its weirdness and all which you won’t get to do in many other films,” the genie in Aschorjo Prodip said.

“It is a spoof. To bring back the fun of the yesteryear Hindi films seen through the tinted glass of Bengaliness,” Rajatava Dutta, also turning up in Jagga Jasoos by Anurag Basu in a side-role said.

Referring to his ‘work chemistry’ with Apu (Saswata), with whom he had worked with in the first lavishly mounted megaserial ‘Ek akasher niche’ for the first time, Rajatava said, “Bonkubabu can be our umpteenth film together. We offer suggestions to each other during takes, his work has been terrific in this film.”

“Our relationship runs beyond professional matters, our two families are quite close and we are excited the way Apu gets the chance to bring to fore his nuanced acting, as a 70 year old in Bonkubabu or as a six-month kid in Baari Tar Bangla,” Rajatava said.

“From the nerdy son in Bonkubabu, the ‘feel-good’ character in Chaar to the pizza shop owner in Galpo Holeo Sotti three of my films will have back-to-back releases this month. All non-mainstream genre films,” Rajatava said.

“Like all recent releases in Tollywood, Bonkubabu, which is also another realistic film in entertainer format will get audience backing in urban and suburb theatres where single screens closing down is a myth,” actor Arjun Chakroborty, also essaying the role of another son in Bonkubabu, said.

Produced by Ashtami Films, Bonkubabu will be released this month.