Rihanna sues Berdon LLP for near bankruptcy in 2009

Wed, February 19, 2014 1:53pm IST by
Rihanna sues Berdon LLP for near bankruptcy in 2009

Rihanna and her accounts are involved in a bitter battle

Rihanna has sued Berdon LLP for gross mismanagement as she was left with just 1.2 million pounds at the end of 2009. The 25-year-old Barbadian recording artist, who is now worth 26 million pounds, has claimed that her accountants advised her to buy a 4 million pounds house which was worth 1.2 million pounds less than she paid and also failed to mention that her Last Girl On Earth tour was losing money, the Daily Star reported.

The Diamonds singer said that she had 6.6 million pounds in the bank at the start of 2009 but she nearly blew the lot based on advice from her finance team, who had botched the books. However, Berdon LLP has said that they had nothing to do with the lost millions and added that the singer was responsible for her “own financial action or inaction” that caused her to lose the cash.Subscribe to me on YouTube