Rita Ora narrates her weird fan moment

Singer Rita Ora, who has nicknamed her fans Rita-bots, says she once had a scary experience with a fan in New York

Rita Ora became concerned for her safety after a man followed her around and became aggressive towards her.

“It’s nice to be accepted by my Rita-bots and I am always honest with them. But there was one person in New York who scared me,” said Ora. “He was following me everywhere. I had no idea how he got to places I was going to but he would and he always, always asked for a picture.”

“But one day his camera fell on the floor while it was raining and I’ve never seen anyone turn so angry. That was weird – you give people what they want and then they go too far, and want to kill you,” added the 23-year-old. Although the singer was worried about being followed, she said that she doesn’t feel the need to guard her privacy all the time and is more than happy to tell the truth about her personal life in interviews.

“At the moment I don’t worry about it. I’m as open as I want to be. I tell the truth in interviews, you always have control over it,” she said.


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