Robert De Niro: Leonardo DiCaprio has taken my place!

Has the Titanic star taken the place of Hollywood’s stalwart De Niro?

Robert De Niro feels that Leonardo DiCaprio has replaced him in director Martin Scorsese’s films.  De Niro features in comedy film Last Vegas alongside Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline, was all praises for the 38-year-old actor. DiCaprio was common in most Scorsese’s movies like Gangs of New York, The Aviator and The Departed.  The 70-year-old star said, “Leonardo DiCaprio is a very serious young actor, he takes it quite seriously. I knew he had something when I saw him read. So even though Leonardo DiCaprio has taken my place in Marty’s (Martin Scorsese) movies, I’m apparently the go-to guy in handing out the hardware.” The veteran actor, who has been in the industry for over four decades, pointed out one change he has witnessed over time.  “I’ve gotten pretty good at giving out awards, but frankly I’ve gotten out of practice accepting an award myself,” he said.

Last Vegas will release in India on Nov 22.