Rochelle Humes wants her daughter to wear her wedding dress

Hubby Marvin Humes says it will be out of fashion by then

Singer Rochelle Humes best fashion moment was her wedding day, and she loved the Vera Wang dress that she wore. The Saturdays singer, who tied the knot with former JLS star Marvin Humes in July 2012, says trying on stunning Vera Wang dressing gowns to wear on her big day was like a scene out of fashionable TV show Sex and the City, reports

Quizzed about her favourite fashion moment, Humes said: “That would be my wedding day. I always dreamt of having a Vera Wang dress and when I went into the store I felt like I was in Sex and the City.”

The 25-year-old hopes to pass down her gown to her and Marvin’s adorable 13-month-old daughter, Alaia-Mai.

“I hope my daughter wants to wear it when she’s older, but Marvin says it will probably be out of fashion by then,” she said.