Sachiin Joshi: Nudity should be allowed in films

The actor starring opposite Sunny Leone thinks if bikini is allowed, then nudity should be allowed too

Actor Sachiin Joshi, who has some bold scenes with the adult star Sunny Leone in Jackpot, is not concerned about the censor board’s scissors and adds that if it passes bikini scenes it should allow nudity as well. Sachiin said in an interview, “The scene has been shot aesthetically; I don’t think censor board will have any issue. It’s been shot so well that it looks like a piece of art. I don’t think there would be any problem with the censor board. As per the censor board guidelines, if bikini is allowed then shedding clothes should also be allowed,” he added.

Directed by Kaizad Gustad, Jackpot also features seasoned actor Naseeruddin Shah and for Sachiin, it was a privilege to work with him. “He has been with the industry for so long, it indeed was a learning experience to work with him. I am glad he is part of the film,” he said.