Scarlett Johansson a bad driver?

The actor plays a reckless driver in her upcoming film Lucy which involves her being a drug mule and not so efficient when she gets behind the wheel

In the film Johansson carries a drug that accidentally enters her system, giving her access to increasingly more and more of her brain at the expense of her humanity, reports a popular portal.

She may be able to tap into more brainpower than the average person, but that doesn’t make her a smart driver in the movie, which also stars Morgan Freeman as a scientist.

The titular femme fatale in Luc Besson’s upcoming actioner causes some major damage on the streets of Paris when she puts the pedal to the metal in a car.

Lucy’s reckless driving leads to several collisions, but she remains unfazed. “We never really die,” the first time driver tells the cop who sits petrified in the passenger seat.

The movie, which will open the 67th Locarno Film Festival Aug 6, hits theaters July 25.