Selena Gomez sick of Justin Beiber

Selena Gomez sick of Justin Beiber

Selena Gomez seems to have had enough of Justin Beiber. She wants to wipe him out of her life. Read on to know more…

Singer Selena Gomez is trying to ‘erase’ Justin Bieber from her life and doesn’t even want to say his name anymore.

The 21-year-old, who has had an on-off relationship with Bieber, is trying to forget him so that she can move on with her life, reports a portal.

Gomez was shooting her Adidas Neo commercial in New York last month, where she asked all traces of Bieber to be removed from her working environment and didn’t even want to say his name.

“A few of the camera guys names were Justin and her team asked if their names could be changed for a while so she didn’t have to say the name Justin,” said a source.

Meanwhile, Bieber has been linked to a number of beauties since the pair reportedly had a big fight, including 18-year-old model Yovanna Ventura and Gomez’s friend and socialite Kylie Jenner.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • samia jamil

    it is so laughable to see that the writer actually had the guts to publish such a blatantly untrue and shitty article. selena asked for some camera guys to change their names for a while coz their names were justin. do they think were idiots to beleive this crap. lol