Shabana Azmi: A section of minority still nervous of Modi

The actor raised her opinions on the new Prime Minister

National award winner Bollywood actor and former Member of Parliament Shabana Azmi on Thursday said a section of minority was still nervous of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he talked about women, poor and youth but nothing specifically about them.

“At the time of elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised of taking everyone along…Modi talked about women, poor and youth but, he did not specifically mention minorities…had he did so, it would have been better as a section of minorities is still worried as to what would happen to them,” Azmi, who was visiting her native village Mizwa, told PTI.

She said she was of the view that if Modi had talked about minorities, it would have given a boost to their confidence, as people of the country wanted change and they voted for it in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

The renowned actor Azmi said the new government should be given time to fulfil its promises and see how it lives up to people’s expectations.

She said that checking the lunatic fringe issuing baseless and provocative statements was the biggest challenge before the new government.

“They had been saying such things during the polls. Then they had the liberty, but now they have formed the government and they need to be controlled,” Azmi said.

Expressing confidence in the new HRD minister, Smriti Irani, Azmi said that Irani is a woman and she has full confidence that she would work earnestly.

Former Rajya Sabha MP, Azmi termed the gang rape and murder of two teenage Dalit girls in Badaun district as most unfortunate and said we all know what is happening to dalits even today and if that dalit is a woman, her problems are manifold.

Azmi, who is involved in social work in this area, also exuded confidence that with Narendra Modi and Mulayam Singh Yadav winning elections from Varanasi and Azamgarh the eastern region of the state would see progress.