Shabana Azmi wants Farooque Sheikh’s play Tumhari Amrita to be revived

The actor is persuading Feroz Khan to revive the epic play

Veteran actor and social activist Shabana Azmi wants a revival of Tumhari Amrita – a play that also featured late actor Farooque Sheikh and premiered over two decades ago.

Tumhari Amrita is a play helmed by Feroz Abbas Khan and she says she is persuading the director to revive it.

“I’m persuading Feroz Khan to revive Tumhari Amrita with a fresh cast. Any ideas on who should replace Farouque Shaikh and me as Zulfi and Amrita?” Shabana posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

Inspired by A.R. Guerney’s Love Letters, Tumhari Amrita is a funny, poignant, melancholic chronicle of two people would not come together and could not stay apart.

The play ran for 21 years until Farooque’s untimely death in December 2013.