Shahid Kapoor: I am scared of people who are friends with everyone in the industry

Fri, December 6, 2013 1:19pm IST by
Shahid Kapoor in R...Rajkumar

Sasha finds it difficult to be friends with everyone in the industry, says people who are – are probably fake

Shahid Kapoor believes it isn’t possible to befriend everyone, and so has few friends in the Hindi film industry, where he has been working for over a decade. “I think when you work with so many people it is not possible to be friends with all. In fact, I am scared of people who are friends with everyone because that person is not real,” the 31-year-old said in an interview on Thursday. ”You become friends with some naturally and you get along with somebody in a positive atmosphere. I have few friends in the industry,” he added. One of them for him, is his R…Rajkumar co-star Sonakshi Sinha. “I enjoyed working with her and she is a friend,” he added.

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  • nissa

    shahid is so good.. R rajkumar will surely be a hit..

  • salwa

    He’s right ppl who’s friend w everyone are FAKE! not just in the fulm industry but also in real life..ur life just gets messed up if u have too much “friends” it all become a drama serial w gossips n betrayal n s much more. So best to keep some close ones who acctually b there for u at ur worst time..

    N this industry is full of gossip n many fake personalities..