Sharon Stone: Everybody is obsessed with sex!

The Hollywood actor, who plays a sensual role in her upcoming film Fading Gigolo, says not just Hollywood, everybody is obsessed with sex

Sharon Stone was recently questioned about Hollywood’s obsession with sex and she said there’s no point in people trying to pretend they don’t like intimacy, she said in a statement.

“I don’t think that Hollywood is obsessed with sex. I think that it’s ridiculous to pretend that everyone isn’t obsessed with sex. Isn’t it every 20 seconds that we think about sex,” Stone asked.

“If we didn’t have sex, there wouldn’t be a future. I think there is a reason that we are obsessed with sex, it’s creativity. It’s the way that god made it,” she added.

In Fading Gigolo, the actor plays a sexually repressed doctor, who is interested in exploring the dynamics of intimacy and satisfy her sexual craving. The film also stars Woody Allen, Sofia Vergara and John Turturro. Fading Gigolo releases on Friday.


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