Should Selena Gomez apologise for wearing a bindi at MTV movie awards?

Mon, April 14, 2014 7:22pm IST by

Should Selena Gomez apologise for wearing a bindi at MTV movie awards?

The Universal Society of Hinduism have slammed the young singer and demanded an apology from her. What for-we wonder at BollywoodLife!

Even if Indian porntoon Savita Bhabhi continues to indulge in daredevilry with a bindi prominently placed on her forehead and Sherlyn Chopra can make love with a bindi sparkling, singer Salena Gomes receives flak for being offensive for pepping up  her look with a humble bindi. Gomez performed at MTV awards and did some sexy dance steps and that was enough to rub the universal Society of Hinduism. How ridiculously idiotic is that?

Here are some Tweets slamming the 21 year old.



“selena gomez makes the horrible cultural appropriation surprisingly not-sexy” said @xstripes.


“Deal Selena Gomez the bindi is not just some fashion accessory you can throw on, cultural appropriation man” wrote @nat_dee.


“so did like no one think to tell selena gomez beforehand that her entire performance was eight kinds of super bad cultural appropriation????” said @diannamv4.


“Selena Gomez, take that bindi of your head, cultural appropriation is not cute. And neither is your singing.” wrote @realanisha.


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  • Zoya Hussain

    oh please selena isnt doing anything bad ok she wore a bindi so what and people who are complaining that does she know the meaning of it no! she doesn’t but do you? indians themselves wear bindi for decorations and some where it without knowing the meaning. so i do not think she needs to apologies

  • Wee

    How stupid is this ! This is last year performance she wasn’t even present during 2014 act! She was busy in coachella festival!

  • yazz

    why abuse her just bcoz she wore a bindi n the way she wore it can be different as she doesnt know how to put a bindi well its not her fault so haters get real

  • AJ31

    Wearing a bindi is not an example of cultural appropriation. Here’s why: