Smita Patil’s 58th birth anniversary: Prateik cuts cake for mother

The actor celebrated his late mother’s birthday with special kids

Prateik, son of late actor Smita Patil, celebrated his mother’s 58th birth anniversary on Thursday by cutting a cake in her memory with special kids from an NGO.

“Just cut a cake for Smita with mentally challenged and hearing impaired kids from the Save The Children NGO. Such a joy to watch them smile,” Prateik posted on his Twitter page.

“Celebrating Smita’s 58th birthday (birth anniversary) with the kids. Would have made her proud…gotta make your mothers proud always…Happy birthday gorgeous. R.I.P. Smita.. More power to her magic,” added the young actor.

Smita is known for her powerful performances in films like Bhumika and Arth. The actress died in 1986 following childbirth complications. She was 31.

Prateik is her son from actor Raj Babbar.