Suchitra Sen’s condition stabilises, might be discharged from hospital in two to three days!

The veteran actor’s family and friends can finally heave a sigh of relief

Suchitra Sen’s condition stabilised, doctors say she might be discharged from hospital in the next two to three days for treatment at home.“She is critical even now, but her condition has stabilised. So, we can discharge her after which she can be treated at home,” Pradip Tandon, CEO of Belle Vue Clinic, told PTI. He said that the condition of the 82-year-old yesteryear actor remained much the same as yesterday and her vital parameters were stable. “But age is working against her.”

Sen and her family members, actors Moon Moon, Riya and Raima, have wished that she should be treated at home now, sources said. Sen was admitted to the hospital on December 23 following a respiratory tract infection. Later she was treated in a private Intensive Treatment Unit for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Led by Dr Subrata Maitra, a medical board was formed to monitor the health of its star patient around-the-clock.

Sen, who has been living the life of a recluse in a south Kolkata apartment, has starred in memorable Hindi films like Devdas and Aandhi .