Twinkle Khanna teaches lesson to eve teasers!

The actor turned celeb columnist, Twinkle Khana shares her day with DNA and tells an interesting story about 3 eve teasers. We bring you a day in Twinkle Khanna’s life, described in her own words.

7 am: I am enjoying my coffee, ignoring all the WhatsApp morning inspirational forwards that deranged people send to clog my phone, and reading a remarkable article about a gentleman called Tom Boyle who saw a teenager get stuck beneath a car and without thinking about anything, he ran towards the location of the accident, managed to lift the car and free the boy. What was even more interesting was that after the incident Mr Boyle could never explain how he had managed to lift a car that weighed a massive 3,000 pounds.

2 pm: An ordinary day at the office and sometimes the humdrum, everyday mundane tasks can make you snooze no matter how many black coffees you manage to throw down your throat.

6.15 pm: I put my sneakers on and decide to hit the beach for a brisk walk in my never-ending quest ‘to lose the last five pounds’. I am just getting into the stride of things, listening to some great music on my iPod and enjoying the glorious view, when from the corner of my eye I see three young men creep up and before I know it, they are passing comments, slowing down when I walk slower, quickening their steps when I try to hurry; in short annoying the hell out of me.

This is a peculiarly Indian habit, see a woman alone anywhere and our men must harass her even if she has a moustache thicker than theirs, is 83-year-old or has a massive mole on her nose with three strands of hair sprouting through. Basically they will revel in eve-teasing any creature that vaguely has two X chromosomes lurking anywhere inside.

6.25 pm: I am now getting rather irritated with these three morons and decide to harass them back. I make a quick u-turn and we end up face to face. My three true idiots also quickly turn around, so now I am following them.
I spot a large empty coconut, pick it up and decide to throw it on their heads. They spot me and start running. I am now running behind them at breakneck speed to throw my organic missile. They are running faster and faster. I am panting heavily and sweat is pouring off me as I try to chase them and finally one trips, the other two are pulling him up and dragging him when I finally catch up; throw the coconut, miss and now completely out of breath, with a stitch on my side, I cannot chase them further.

I am very frustrated as I haven’t been able to finish my walk and now my whole routine has gone down the drain, when I glance at my watch and see that it’s now shockingly 6.55.

I have been running behind these morons for close to 18 minutes. This is the longest and fastest I have been able to run since I was 23.

I quickly calculate the calories burnt running behind my three idiots as compared to my walk and realise that I have burned triple the calories. Even if I have a trainer urging me to run, I would have not been able to run at that pace, for that long and not even realise the time.

We always give our best when our back is against a wall. We will write a superlative essay when pushing hard against a deadline, make the most innovative presentation when our job is in jeopardy, and study the hardest when the exam is the next day.

I wonder why most of us can only perform to our utmost when circumstances drive us and then I realise that the few who push themselves are the ones that succeed.

The driven, passionate ones give their best on ordinary days and that is why they are extraordinary.

As for me, I start walking back home hoping that tomorrow I find yet another minor criminal to chase and decimate with my coconut.