When Twitter came to Rajat Kapoor’s rescue

While social media gets a bad rap for creating tension in today’s complex world, actor Rajat Kapoor tells an interesting story of how an angry tweet helped him get a producer to convert his dream project into a reality

Ankhon Dekhi is a humorous film about a man’s journey, the script for which has been written by Rajat Kapoor himself.In fact, after the script was complete, Rajat approached quite a few production houses with the script.After failing to raise money for his upcoming independent film, a disheartened Rajat Kapoor had poured out his disappointment in a tweet stating that he will put the script on a backburner and go back to theatre.

Never had he thought that a simple tweet can do what months of his hard work couldn’t. Within hours, he landed a producer.

Manish Mundra, an NRI with a petrochemical factory in Nigeria who followed Rajat on the social networking site and had watched his films, tweeted back saying he was interested in investing in the project. When contacted Manish in Nigeria, he confirmed the news over the phone and said: “Rajat sent across his cell number and we had a telephonic conversation. He offered to send me the script but I was more interested in the budget.”

Rajat initially thought it was a hoax as Manish knew nothing about the industry or the working of a film.

However after a brief interaction over email and then phone he found himself a producer. Manish flew down to Mumbai, met him and signed up as the producer of Ankhon Dekhi before flying back leaving him to make the film the way he wanted.

“He returned when the film was ready and fortunately liked it a lot. Now, Manish is so gung-ho about the medium that he plans to make at least one film a year,” said a delighted Rajat.

His debut production, Ankhon Dekhi, which is about an elderly man who one fine day decides he will only believe what he sees, is gearing up for a March 21 release.

“It is a modest budget for a Hindi film but the biggest budget I have worked with. If the film works, maybe Manish and I will collaborate on another film,” said the still-awed Rajat who is yet to believe his luck.

His producer added, “I’ve invested Rs 8-10 crores in the film which is small for Bollywood but big for me. But it’s worth the expense.”

 Ankhon Dekhi will mark Rajat coming back to direction after a huge gap. Previously, Rajat has directed films like Mixed Doubles (2006) and Mithya (2008)