Who is Preity Zinta dating?

The pretty Preity is dating someone and here’s some goss

In a recent interview to After Hrs, Preity Zinta had told us she was dating someone who wasn’t from the film industry. She didn’t go into details then but we did our own digging. And here’s what we found about the firang who accompanied her to IPL 2014 semi-final match and is also one of the key witnesses in the case filed by PZ against ex, Ness Wadia…. His name is Gene Goodenough. He is based in Los Angeles, is 30-something and works as a financial analyst. Our source says the two met on one of her trips to the US a couple of years ago. “He supports, encourages and understands her. Gene gave her company during this year’s IPL and she flew back with him to the US after the finals, as he had to return to work,” adds the source.