Who was Leonardo DiCaprio’s first choice to direct The Wolf of Wall Street?

The movie’s script started in 2007. DiCaprio, who has co-produced it with Red Granite Pictures and Scorsese, got along a set of other directors to shape the movie.

American filmmaker Martin Scorsese came on board much later as the director of The Wolf of Wall Street, which will hit screens on Christmas. “It never felt right with the other directors. After much back and forth, Marty (Scorsese) was on,” Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars in the film, said in a statement.But he never quite felt the magic. It was only in 2012 that Scorsese and DiCaprio teamed up once again. The two have worked together in films like Gangs Of New York and The Departed.

The Wolf of Wall Street will release December 25 and is being distributed by MVP Entertainment and PVR Pictures.