Who will Robert Pattinson choose- Kristen Stewart or family?

The constantly on-off couple have made it to the headlines several times. This time it’s because of Christmas…

Actor Robert Pattinson is reportedly being forced into a decision over staying here with his former flame Kristen Stewart or returning to his hometown to be with his family. Pattinson’s family lives in London. “He’s supposed to go home to London for Christmas, but Stewart wants him to stay with her here. He’s torn,” a magazine reported.

Pattinson ended his four-year-old relationship with Stewart as he could not forgive the actor for having an affair with director Rupert Sanders while being in a relationship with him. His family has a fear that the Christmas holidays could spark a reunion between the former couple.

“They can’t stand Kristen; his family is terrified that he will never get away from her. They think she’s bad news, but there’s something about Kristen that he just can’t resist,” added te source. While Pattinson remains undecided over his Christmas plans, sources have revealed to that both of them will spend Thanksgiving Day making traditional English dishes together.