Why did Anne Hathaway get teary eyed at a charity event?

Ms Hathaway had an emotional moment at a recent event

Actor Anne Hathaway couldn’t hold back her tears at the Victory Fund Champagne Brunch in Beverly Hills, California while she introduced a doctor, who helped her close friend battle cancer.  Hathaway attended the event with her husband Adam Shulman.  An emotional Hathaway said on stage: “On a personal note, Dr. Karlan helped a beloved friend of mine … excuse me.  She helped a beloved friend of mine battle cancer recently and I couldn’t be more grateful to her. Dr. Karlan, you are more than just my friend’s doctor. You’re a friend and ally. And I’m happy to say that together you kicked that cancer’s a*s.” The Princess Diaries actor was moved to tears while expressing her gratitude towards the doctor.

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